Hi, babes.

I'm Chelsea. My journey in photography began 4 years ago. I have been happily married to my hunk of a husband for almost two years now. Together we absolutely love to travel and explore new places, admiring God's handcrafted terrains all over the world. We are VERY busy people so we absolutely LOVE the chance to get to just chill together, lock ourselves away from society for a few hours kind of thing. We like to stay fit and healthy. We reside in a cute little house, in a cute little neighborhood in West OKC with our two German Shepherd's Riley and Jaxx. Cliche' enough I just recently became addicted to coffee and literally don't know how I ever lived. I have amazing friends and clients through photography and feel like my journey has truly just begun! ++ Be sure to contact me on the Hire Me page and let's make some magic! 

Hustle + Heart.


I can't think of two words better to describe who I am. I come from a world where nothing was given, everything is earned and that foundation is embedded in me as an artist. There's something about losing myself in love stories that truly draws me in. I pour my heart into every client and every wedding and I completely understand the decision it takes to trust someone with the most special day of your life. 


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