Katie + Jake

Katie & Jake came down from Kansas for a little getaway and hung out with me around the city to celebrate being together for 4 whole years! 

We started the shoot in their super cute AirBnB and then I chased their crazy in love selves around downtown. Katie is a photog herself and Jake has started to shoot with her some which is so cool! 

You can tell their love for each other is UNREAL and so so much fun! Enjoy a tidbit of their session <3 


Bailey + Cale. 

My hubs told me to stay away from the southside but an artists' gotta do what an artists' gotta do ya know? Where else do you find convenience stores with bars on the windows? 

The inspiration alone for Bailey's vision for her engagement to Cale was enough to intimidate me, but I was up for the challenge. 

Doing something out of the norm was insanely fun and it did my mind and soul good to break away from your everyday engagements. Bailey and Cale approved and I feel good about pulling off something out of my normal art. Check out a bit of their gallery and watch for their wedding this June. Can you even imagine? ;) 

Also, my good friend Avery with Lume Tulsa came along. We are all patiently waiting to see what she created! Show ya soon, 


Kate + Casey

Where to even begin with speaking about this amazing couple and amazing wedding?

Kate and Casey have been like the cutest & sweetest couple since day one. I've learned so much about their charming little lives in the short time I've known them and man, what a perfect pair. 

Their wedding day is like one of my favorites ever. Kate, being a total Yoga babe of course had to plan her day out to include Yoga. Kate and her friends began the morning of December 10th in downward dog and Chaturanga Dandasana-- I don't do yoga, totally wish I did, so yes I had to google those poses. Anyways, after a good yoga sesh the girls headed for brunch at Mary Eddy's in OKC. Next the primping began. 

Some of my favorite details from their day can be found here and man let me tell you how hard it is to choose out of almost 2000 photos. Over 200 for a blog post is probably a lot but I wanted to somewhat tell a portion of this perfect love story here. Kate carefully chose the amazing Heather, with everything Beautiful OKC to do her floral and it turned out incredible. They chose to spend the whole day relaxing, taking photos, catering Chic Fil A, and then finally a ceremony/reception held at OKC Farmer's Market for over 300 people. There was coffee from Kate and Casey's favorite coffee shop-- Cuppies and Joe serving lattes,Hurt's donuts , dancing, and tons of memories made on this amazing night! 

You will also see a snippet of Kate's bridal session we did at the end of November. <3 





An Arizona Engagement Session

Dan + Amy--

These two graciously took me up on an adventure. As travel has always been a passion of mine, circumstances in my life as well as still being in college have withheld me from getting to explore as much as I want. I decided to draw in some travel shoots, to include free sessions to clients who prefer to shoot outside of Oklahoma. Amy, one of the first brides I sent this opportunity to and an avid traveler herself, didn't hesitate at all to do something out of the ordinary, so the planning began. 

I had seen some photography done in the Scottsdale area and have been to the Phoenix area years ago so that was where we started. After researching we then discovered the Red Rocks in Sedona were just a short two hours north, the plan was set. Amy was so easy to communicate and coordinate throwing ideas around with, she definitely had a vision for how she pictured her engagement session, and it also included a cuddly in-home lifestyle portion in their eklectic aztec Air BnB.    

Only minutes after meeting Amy and Dan, we knew they were our kind of couple. Sweet and cute as can be, it definitely wasn't your average engagement shoot. We decided to catch a Scottsdale sunset the first night we were there, and then spend the majority of our time at the rednecks for their shoot.  We explored, hiked, and even grabbed drinks in town later that night just to spend time with one another before they flew back to Dallas. I shoot their wedding in March, and just knowing them and hearing their story is going to lead me to tell it that much better. Dan and Amy are truly an amazing couple and we are so thankful for this wonderful trip we shared together and the memories we made. <3

Traveling engagement sessions for only the cost of a plane ticket still up for grabs, so be sure to contact me on my Hire Me! Tab if you're interested. Let's do something different. Out of the ordinary, all while exploring and escaping everyday life. 

November 14th, 2016

In the middle of November, at one of the cutest venues in the greater Tulsa area, Natalie and Mark decided on Forever and I got the honor of capturing their sweet, sweet love story.

Natalie is originally from Oklahoma but currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona and from her very first email we immediately hit it off. Her personality is one that booms with joyous light anytime you speak with her or she walks into the room. 

The details were planned to a tee and the day started out getting the girls ready at Natalie's aunts' house. 

The decor and outfits were seriously on point. This may be one of my favorite colour palettes and floral to this day. Check out Natalie + Mark's stylish wedding day and all the crazy moments at their gorgeous reception.