Kate + Casey

Where to even begin with speaking about this amazing couple and amazing wedding?

Kate and Casey have been like the cutest & sweetest couple since day one. I've learned so much about their charming little lives in the short time I've known them and man, what a perfect pair. 

Their wedding day is like one of my favorites ever. Kate, being a total Yoga babe of course had to plan her day out to include Yoga. Kate and her friends began the morning of December 10th in downward dog and Chaturanga Dandasana-- I don't do yoga, totally wish I did, so yes I had to google those poses. Anyways, after a good yoga sesh the girls headed for brunch at Mary Eddy's in OKC. Next the primping began. 

Some of my favorite details from their day can be found here and man let me tell you how hard it is to choose out of almost 2000 photos. Over 200 for a blog post is probably a lot but I wanted to somewhat tell a portion of this perfect love story here. Kate carefully chose the amazing Heather, with everything Beautiful OKC to do her floral and it turned out incredible. They chose to spend the whole day relaxing, taking photos, catering Chic Fil A, and then finally a ceremony/reception held at OKC Farmer's Market for over 300 people. There was coffee from Kate and Casey's favorite coffee shop-- Cuppies and Joe serving lattes,Hurt's donuts , dancing, and tons of memories made on this amazing night! 

You will also see a snippet of Kate's bridal session we did at the end of November. <3