Q:How early should I book my desired shoot?

C: I book at least 2 months in advance in almost any situation. However, if something pops up I try my hardest to work anyone in especially if it is a fluke situation or someone in dire need of me ;) It is smart to inquire for fall say in the summer to insure the perfect date for you! Saturdays are super limited and I try not to work Sundays to get me some Jesus time! ;) 


Q: How does the payment plan work?

C: I alway take some sort of deposit for your shoot, depending on what it is, usually $50-$100. This fee does go towards your complete session fee, and insures that the date you chose is safe & locked in. 


Q: If something comes up, is it okay to reschedule?

C: Of course! Life happens! I to have had to reschedule shoots before (very rarely) but it is best if we are all understanding of everyones situations ;) I am not a stiff person! 


Q:When & How is it best for me to reach you?

C: I cannot say or answer this one enough, email, email, email,EMAIL. I am daily on my email whether it be through my phone or email hours during my office hours, which is typically a couple of hours a day. I understand texting and phone calls are easier but most likely I am going to point you to email because that is how I send all my pricing information and keep everything in one spot & to refer to if need be! 


Q: How can I find out some pricing information?

C: You can refer to my Investment Page for a price estimate but of course email me your thoughts and to receive my handwritten PDF pricing packets and information! 


Q: So I paid X amount for my setting fee, now I owe more to get my pictures?

C: The setting fee that you pay that my sessions are valued at, is the cost of basically what it costs just to get the pictures taken. AKA the time and talent of the photographer. The hours we spend shooting and consulting and planning. I then sell my disc with print release rights. By me doing this, you pay for the endless amount of $ & Prints you are able to go and do on your own. It also means I get paid for the HOURS I sat at my computer desk perfecting your images and editing them to make them look beautiful. So once again refer to the investment page to learn more about how much you will be investing for the shoot + Disc fee. 


Q: Can I add or take away from what you offer?

C: Taking away is a no no, but adding is always a go. We can always add to packages to make them absolutely perfect for your needs. Want styling? Let's add it! Taking away on the other hand, Let me explain it in these terms, I have sat and designed packages and offers for hours thinking and after experience seeing what works best & what doesn't, thus to suit everyones needs packages or deals were born. It is kind of like walking into Dillard's and seeing what kind of perfume sets they offer. Of course you can buy just the perfume bottle at a set price, or they offer the bottle, lotion, and body wash for a set package price. However, you don't feel the need for the body wash, so you decide you want to see what the price would be for the clerk to take out that body wash. Doesn't happen. It's a package deal. SAME here. You wouldn't walk into Dillard's and see what kind of deal you could make, so don't try to do that here ;) 


Q: Do you do seniors? Babies? Boudoir? Weddings?

C: As of right now, there isn't any type of photography I don't offer. However, I haven't dabbled much in team photos but wouldn't be opposed to it. Maybe one day I will cut out a few types but for now I do it ALL.